Publications Management -- Magazines

I have served as editor of magazines for such organizations as the University of Virginia and Volunteers of America.  

Below you will find examples of the magazines I edited for UVA.

November 2008 Issue


This issue was a major redesign based on expertise generously donated by the first Arts & Sciences editorial board, which I created and recruited. Members included the founder of Reddit, the editor of Real Simple, publisher of Scientific American, public affairs director of Vanity Fair, CFO of the Washington Post Company, and others. 

Former CBS Middle East Correspondent Kimberly Dozier wrote the cover story based on the decades of expertise of renowned UVA professors:  the "dean of foreign policy studies in the United States," a negotiator of the 1978 Camp David Peace Accords, an Islamic scholar  who has advised the Department of Defense and advised on the 2005 Iraqi constitution, and an award-winning scholar of Persian literature. This issue was never published, however.

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March 2008 Issue


As online technology transforms society at warp speed, U.Va. Media Studies professors raised critically important questions about the public/private interest. 

This issue also featured a story on a University of Virginia Museum exhibition examining race, slavery and the plantation in American art. 

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June 2008


The cover story of this issue focused on social entrepreneurship: Armed with liberal arts degrees, College alumni invest in innovative entrepreneurs who are transforming all aspects of life, all over the world.

Professor of Art History Malcolm Bell III brought together Italian government representatives and museum professionals to discuss collection policies and returning looted artifacts. That year, the University of Virginia had repatriated to Italy two life-size Archaic marble heads.

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September 2008


In the year of Barack Obama running against Hillary Clinton and then John McCain, the issues of race and gender were at the forefront in American elections. U.Va. professors of politics and psychology looked beneath the surface at attitudes toward race and gender and their influence on U.S. voting patterns and candidate perceptions.

To accompany this issue, I initiated the first Communications Office collaboration with the renowned Miller Center to support the magazine cover story. The panel of professors featured in the story was moderated by the Pulitzer-prizewinning author of Slavery by Another Name. The standing-room-only event was webcast live to global alumni – the first such webcast and the first time students were included in College communications strategy.

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UVA Arts & Sciences Magazines -- PDFs

UVA Arts & Sciences Magazine November 2008 (pdf)


UVA Arts & Sciences Magazine March 2008 (pdf)


UVA Arts & Sciences Magazine June 2008 (pdf)


UVA Arts & Sciences Magazine September 2008 (pdf)